Dimitris Lalos is an actor, director and an acting teacher. He is a founding member of the “Epi Kolono” theatre and also a member of the Hellenic Film Academy. Since the year 2000, he has starred in many theatre plays, films and TV shows.

Early years

Dimitris was born in the city of Volos, in Greece. At the age of 8, he moved with his family in Germany, until the age of 18. The turning point on deciding to become an actor, came in his life after watching the theatre play “Suburbia” directed by Eleni Skoti at «Fournos» theatre.  After collaborating with Eleni Scoti and Giorgos Chatzinikolaou at the theatre group “Omada Nama”, they founded the “Epi Kolono” theatre in 1999. In the years that followed, he starred in various plays of the international repertoire, under the direction of Eleni Scoti and of Giorgos Paloumbis such as, the “Bug” by Tracy Letts, “Rottweiler” by Guillermo Heras, “La Chunga” by Mario Vargas Llosa, “Kiev” by Sergio Blanco, and “Foxfinder” by Dawn King etc.

In 2012, he received the “Dimitris Horn” award for Best Young Actor in a Theatre Play, for his performance in “La Chunga”. In 2014, he received the Athinorama Audience Award for Best Actor, for his performance in “Foxfinder”.

National Theatre of Greece

Dimitris has collaborated with the National Theatre of Greece in two theatre play productions, in Quay West written by Bernard-Marie Koltes and directed by Ludovic Lagarde and, in “Vitrioli” written by Giannis Mavritsakis and directed by Olivier Py.

“Vitrioli” was the first play performed by National Theatre of Greece to participate the Avignon Festival (Festival d’Avignon).

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

In 2015, Dimitris performed for the first time at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, starring in the tragedy «Orestis» by Euripides, and directed by Simos Kakalas. He returned to Epidaurus in 2017, in the role of Polynices, in the tragedy «Oedipus at Colonus» by Sophocles, directed by Stavros Tsakiris.


Tempus Verum – En Athines

His artistic journey on theatre research and experimentation, lead Dimitris to establish his own theatrical home in 2016, by founding the Tempus Verum theatre company.

The company is based at «Tempus Verum – En Athines» Theatre, located at Gazi area in Athens, and its main purpose and ambition is to discover new approaches on the Art of Theatre. 


Acting on camera and his passion for cinema, have played a very important part on Dimitris life and career. He is a member of the Hellenic Film Academy and has starred in several films, such as “Kala azar” directed by Janis Rafailidou, “All the pretty little horses” directed by Michalis Konstantatos, “Pack of sheep” directed by Dimitris Kanellopoulos, “Saison Morte” (post prod.) directed by Thanasis Totsikas, Dogs, Cats and Rats directed by Adrianos Georgantas, “The Sentimentalists” directed by Nikos Triantafyllidis, “The Dog” (short film) directed by Nikos Labot, “West of Eden” (short film) directed by Zafeiris Haitidis, Avalondirected by Dimitris Papanastasiou. In 2016, he directed his first short film, titled «Without», which was an official selection at Drama International Short Film Festival

In 2009, he received the Best Actor Award on the International Film Festival of Patras for his performance in «West of Eden». Moreover, the film «Kala azar» won the KNF Award on the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

IMDb page : Dimitris Lalos


Dimitris has participated in notable TV shows such as “Silent Road” directed by Vardis Marinakis, “Bleeding Earth” directed by Kostas Koutsomitis.


In 2015, Dimitris started his debut as a director with the theatrical play, “Stella with the Red Gloves by Iakovos Kambanellis, staged at  “Akademia Platonos” Theatre. “Backgammon written by Dimitris Kechaedis, followed soon after and was initially presented in “Akademia Platonos” Theatre and afterwards in “Apothiki” Theatre.

The establishment of «Tempus Verum – En Athines» in 2016, gave Dimitris the opportunity to explore different paths in direction, by leaving realism behind to follow a more cinematic approach of the theatrical performance. He directed the plays “Pains of Youth by Ferdinand Bruckner, “Lungs by Duncan Macmillan, “The Ugly One by Marius von Mayenburg and “Nijinsky – The Prophecy of Fire” by Christophoros Christophi. With these performances he tried to redefine the relationship between the audience and the performative event and make each member of the audience an actual and active member of the play. 

In the field of Ancient Tragedy, he focused on decoding its meanings and enlighten the Tragic Speech. Based on this research, he directed the play “Antigone” by Sophocles, for the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus in 2020.


Since 2014, he facilitates acting seminars and workshops.  Along with his students, he explores acting on its whole scale; from ancient tragedy to contemporary theatre and acting on camera. In the center of his teaching method, rests the search for the “stage truth” and the transformation of written text to a living, verbal speech.


mikri akadimia

His desire for research and experimentation in the fields of Cinema and Theatre, lead him to the establishment of “mikri akadimia” in 2018. mikri akadimiais an educational organisation of the performing arts, that hosts workshops and seminars at post-graduate level, addressed to all professionals of the performing arts. Its faculty comprises of well-known and talented actors and directors of theatre and cinema. mikri akadimiaprovides the opportunity to students to continue and evolve their technic further to the education acquired by drama schools, while study alongside experienced and accomplished professionals. It also gives the opportunity to teachers, to experiment on new methods and ideas, on a group of trained artists.