Saison Morte

A man named Christos calls the police from Paradise hotel, which is located in a secluded during the winter, location on the island. When the police arrive, they find the man wounded, the owner of the hotel murdered and the partner of the man who made the call, also violently murdered. There is nobody who can explain what happened in the hotel apart from Christos. Who is lying in a hospital bed and keeps asking for Nadia, an eremite from Athens, who was living in a secluded location near the hotel. The police officers can’t find Nadia anywhere, it’s like she disappeared off the face of the earth. Christos’ situation becomes direr; nobody can confirm his story. The police are pressuring him and since he has a feeling that the story he has to tell is not going to convince them and they are going to end up blaming him for everything, he starts narrating a story to the two police officers, in which nobody is who they seem to be and they all switch roles and positions up until the final twist.

(in post production stage – 2021)